Semilya enhanced my good character & exposed my bad ways then helped me change for good. My wife, son & co-workers saw a big change in me.

Ptr Raffy Salonga

CCT- Manila

Itʼs better not to have been born than never to have been intimate with the Creator who knows the purpose and reason of my being. At Semilya the principle of “intimacy with God” was taught and it has influenced my life and family a lot.

Ptr Tim Asiñero

Jesus End-Time Mission

The Semilya training can make you really MAD – as a leader and as a child of God. Yes! We can Make A Difference!

Senior Ptr. John Desucatan

World Intʼl

Since high school Iʼve been involved with drugs. Sabi ng tatay ko ʻscrambled eggʼ ang utak ko. In Semilya, my life changed and my self-confidence was developed. As Father, God is now able to turn my scrambled egg life into an amazing omelet…

Matt Enardecido

drug dependent

In my 12 years of being a Christian, it was in Semilya sa Kinabuhi that I was able to finish reading the Bible for the very first time cover to cover. And because of it Iʼve been personal and intimate with God.

Romelie C. Nicolas

CCT- Mindanao Training Coordinator