The Resilient Farmer

  • The basics of organic farming
  • Coupled with character and values lessons
  • Two-week stay-in

Course Description:


Most organic farm trainings just teach people how to make organic feeds and plant inputs. Ours is different and unique! We teach people how to create a “bio-diversified farming system” that will feed the soil that feeds the plants and grows the shrubs and grass that in turn, will feed the livestock. This system was developed by Moriah Farms and is now being taught in Semilya Sa Kinabuhi Foundation.


Furthermore, by integrating the different components of a bio-diversified system, the farmer will be able to accomplish the following:


¥ Create a safe environment that will reduce the presence of pests in the farm

¥ Build resiliency by applying the principle called, “Feed yourself first”

¥ Increase income and reduce expenses by allowing the waste of one component to feed the other components of the system (e.g. livestock manure for compost, compost for vegetables, vegetables for livestock, etc.)


While it is important to acquire knowledge and use technology, these would be useless if the farmer does not have the right attitude, values and habits necessary to persevere through the many challenges of farming. In this training, we hope to develop the habits that will make the farmer resilient– incorporating lessons on values to help the farmer develop a healthy attitude towards work and life. These lessons were designed using the Bible as our reference.


Because this is a stay-in program, we will provide board and lodging for the trainees.