REBOOT is our famous training for young adults, 15 yrs old above. It aims to make them unlearn the wrong ways of the world and help them develop the mindset that would allow them to respond properly to studies, to work, to parents and even to friends. It will also help them develop habits that will allow them to gain favor from men and from God. (2-weeks)

Like most of us when we were young, children go through life trying to make sense of it. Most of them do not even understand why they have to study, why they need to obey their parents, why they have to work, etc. While a few learn to appreciate life early, most of them do not see the connection of these things to their future. One of the major problems we see with the youth is their lack of appreciation of what they have or what their parents have. In fact, we are often asked by businessmen friends to talk to their children because most of them do not want to continue the businesses of their parents. While children should be allowed to pursue their own interests, we believed that stewardship of what God has already given the family is a key to a good tomorrow. Because of this, we would like the participants to understand that the way to respond to school, to parents, to authorities, to work, to exams, to friends, even to waking up early, etc. will affect their ability to steward the gifts God will give them. In this edition, we would like to prepare them for the concept of entrepreneurship.
In line with this, some of the topics will be discussed are:

Knowing the Purpose of Man
God is Creator, Owner, and Controller
God is Father
Your Role in the Kingdom
The Kingdom of God is Here
You were Called to Serve
Discovering God’s Will
Submission to Authority
Power of Free Will
How to Make Decisions
Business in God’s Kingdom
God gave us Power to Make Wealth
Trials Grow our Character
Power of Saving
The Heart of a Leader
Managing Insecurities
Sex and Marriage
Finding True Friends
You and Your Ambition

This is a 2-WEEK VERSION of Semilya’s Leadership Development Program. Let’s help our children find direction early in life. While this is no substitute for the 8-week Leadership Development Program of Semilya, this training helps in opening these young minds to God’s purpose for them, teaching them how to handle peer pressure, how to use the power of free will helping them to understand all the issues that affect their young lives (including sexuality). By helping them understand the issues that they are facing, we hope to be able to them live a more fruitful life.