JUMPSTART was designed to develop and strengthen the character of the leaders of business. We believe that knowledge & skills must be coupled with the right values for a person to succeed in his venture. This is best for would-be entrepreneurs, management trainees and those who want to rediscover the joy of work and the purpose of life. (5-days)

Semilya’s main business training is Breaking Through: The Essentials of Business. It will impart the necessary knowledge to start, to grow and to make a business profitable. However, business is not only about knowledge, because without the right values and the proper character a person will not develop the abilities to thrive in it. 1 Corinthians 8:1 says that knowledge makes one arrogant, but 1 Peter 5:5 says humility will invite grace. According to Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, the really successful leaders are both humble and firm. Jumpstart was developed to help these traits.

We hope we can help those who are starting a career or a business to understand the soft skills of leadership. This training will teach the proper mindset people should have towards business and develop the proper character to effectively manage people, partners and money. This training was design around the belief that…
“Being is more important than doing”!

Who Should Attend: Those who are starting a business and those who are beginning a career. This training is good training to augment the management training program of your company. It will be good for people who are struggling with their business or career, because will be good for them to go back to the basics. And the basics are the foundation of any endeavor.

What Will Be Discussed:

  1. Knowing your Purpose
  2. Appreciating the value of work and the importance of submission
  3. Understanding God’s role in life and in business
  4. Developing the mind of a steward and the heart of a leader
  5. Managing personal finances
  6. Introduction to the Essentials of Business.

The trainees will work in the field and learn contentment; they will also be trained to be on time, to be respectful and to be responsible.


Here’s our brochure for more information: