Breaking Through The Essentials Of Business

If you want a plant to be fruitful, do not focus on the fruit. In the same way, if you want a business to be profitable do not focus on the profit. Both of these are just natural by-products of healthy plants and organizations. If you want a business to be profitable, you must learn how to strengthen the essential components so that you will not waste energy, time and resources.

This training will discuss the essentials of business and what you should do in the different stages of its life. To support the principles we will teach, we will share real-life applications of people who have attended this training. These people have experienced breakthroughs by either turning their business around e.g. from debt to profit or by growing exponentially even though they started with very little.

This business training is unique! It uses the plant to show how a business develops and the Bible to explain God’s design for life – and business. It aims to help develop a corporate mind in order to give structure to your organization and also the entrepreneurial spirit so that you can maximize the returns of your resources. Deuteronomy 8:18 says God has given us the power to create wealth, and this training hopes to explain how this is done.

Who Should Attend:
Everyone who is in business! Entrepreneurs are in business. They need to make their businesses efficient so they can profit, after they have paid all their expenses. Even employees are in business; they sell their services to the company they serve and get profit on a regular-monthly basis.

What Will Be Discussed:
(1) The purpose of man, and the role of God,
(2) Business Development Principles,
(3) Business Stewardship,
(4) Business Planning and Problem Solving,
(5) Building a Healthy Organization,
(6) Creating Breakthroughs and
(7) Managing Finances.