Mission and Vision


To see people become self-sufficient and live in dignity, by becoming dependent on God and on His Word, as they experience His love through the SEEDS planted in their lives by the Semilya Sa Kinabuhi Inc.



To offer seeds that nurture physical life, so that it can offer the Seed that brings eternal life.
(Gen 22:18, Gal 3: 16)

“Principle For Life and Growth”

Everything Begins and Ends with INTIMACY! IMITATE me, as I Imitate CHRIST! Be a BLESSING, never a burden! Do what is RIGHT, not what is good! TAKE it in, LIVE it out, PASS it on! You cannot give away something you do not have! EXCELL still more! Hindi pwede ang “pwede na” NO WASTE! DELAY GRATIFICATION for fruit comes in the proper season!


Semilya enhanced my good character & exposed my bad ways then helped me change for good. My wife, son & co-workers saw a big change in me.

Ptr Raffy Salonga

CCT- Manila

About Us

It is a foundation that aims to bring the Bible and the church to where people work — in their businesses and in their farms. It is a place where people from different churches can gather together in order to see one vision fulfilled around them – to win Mindanao for Christ, hopefully in their lifetime. The working members of Semilya decided to give up their church affiliation so that it will not hinder people from other churches to come and work with them.